Backers are in!

All your hard work and sacrifice has paid off, backers. Everybody in Ambiguous Wind class and above is now in the credits of a mutiny based spaceship construction game! People will have to take you seriously!

There are other things in a game besides credits though, if you can believe it. So we’ve added a lot of those too. The biggest addition is Challenge Mode. You can test out your own ship designs in 1 vs 1 or a prototype version of horde mode. Or you can play the entire campaign with no scrap costs for your ship designs. It’s a sandbox for experimentation, and we’re working on expanding it soon so that you can save your ships to the cloud and share your designs with friends.

We’ve got 11 new missions completed, including Grey Core Grand Prix, Rail Road (pictured here), Fat Man and Fat Lady (which I just realised was a pretty clever/unintentional joke/reference from Independence Day).

There are also 22 new ship pieces. You can now choose from Flamethrowers, Fighter Decks and even potentially planet-smashing super lasers.

Difficulty levels are now in too. Hard mode is for you serious mutineers, who have seen too much in your years of driving your enemies before you. Easy mode is for our parents.

And if you had a chance to visit GDC in San Francisco this year, you might have bumped into our programming team. Thanks to the support of Film Victoria, Paul and Sam were wandering around and saying hi to people. If they didn’t say hi to you, we apologize. They’re bad people.

Three Phase out!