First Month Update

Defect has been out of Early Access for about a month, so now is good time to send out an update. Defect has had some good coverage in the media. Game Grin reviewed Defect while it was in Early Access and again after release:

“Defect is a thoroughly enjoyable game that hasn’t changed all that much since I last played it. Designing a ship knowing that you’ll need to kill it later introduces an interesting conundrum to an excellently executed spacecraft toolkit.” 8/10

Good Game Spawn Point, which is the premier tv show about games for all ages in our home country Australia, loved the defecting idea, how easy it is to build ships and the challenging gameplay:

“I thought the whole defecting thing was clever idea. It forces you to think carefully about how you design your ship.”

Since release we’ve been working on updates. You can now fight against anyone’s ships, not just friends’, and we’ve been tweaking the difficulty of some of the earlier missions. Chris, our animator, has been working on getting Zeke and everyone else to animate while their speech bubbles are visible. Here’s a test animation:

Sam, one of our programmers, recently made a Mario/No Man’s Sky mashup called No Mario’s Sky for a 72 hour game jam with Ben and Alex from Moonman (, and Max, the programmer behind games such as King Arthur's Gold and Trench Run. It’s free and a lot of fun, so check it out!

Three Phase out!