The Advantages of Working out of an Office

Having a laptop as your main work PC is pretty handy. Once you tether it to your phone, you can work pretty much anywhere, and I have. I’ve worked at various team member’s houses, in cafes, pubs, libraries, hospitals and hotels all over Australia.

But when it comes down to it, working in an office with a bunch of other devs is pretty good.


  • Easier to focus on work for a solid 8 hours a day, then go home and forget about it (helps work-life balance).
  • Forces you to get out of the house everyday.
  • Makes collaboration and sharing test devices easier.
  • Being close to other devs (hiring for short contracts, getting help/advice, playtesting, socialising, motivation, contacts).
  • Regular visits from platform holders, tool makers, media, game industry celebs.
  • More professional if you need to meet clients.
  • Access to more test hardware.
  • Faster internet.
  • Awesome coffee machine.


  • Cost of leasing the office space.
  • Cost and time involved in traveling.

We moved into The Arcade eight months ago in January 2015 and it has been great! For us, ease of collaboration, sharing test devices and being close to other devs have been the biggest wins. Working out of an office has definitely improved our lives and the game.

- Paul (@pbaker05)