Defect Demo is now on Steam!

We’ve had a bit of a brainwave. Instead of posting videos explaining how Defect works, we could just GIVE YOU THE GAME and let you see for yourself. Just head to our page on Steam to download the demo. It’s for PC/Mac and it’s available right now!

The demo is a very early preview of 7 of the game’s opening missions, and we’ve modified it so you can unlock nearly all the standard class ship components (those are the smallest ones). By Mission 7 you should be able to play around with building any kind of fighter scale ship that you’ve ever wanted!

There’s a short tutorial to get you on your feet, but we haven’t taught you everything. If you have any questions or problems, let us know. Head to the Kickstarter page and tell us what you want added and what sort of ships you want to build. Share the demo around and help us recruit new mutineers for the Suppressed Systems Navy!