Kickstarter Backer Art Manual

This week we’ve been working on the art book that you can get at the Power Pod tier of our Kickstarter. It will include the initial concepts for every piece, hints and tips for how to play the game and maybe even our list of secret keyboard shortcuts (when we eventually add them all). It’s basically an old school manual for the game, with a lot of art to liven it up and it's only available to our Kickstarter backers.

Pledge at the Power Pod Class ($AU20) or above and get the pdf version. Pledge at the Death Horror Class ($AU200) or above and get the luxurious hardcover version signed on the inside cover with a handwritten, highly complimentary message about how attractive you are!

We’ll be at PAX AUS!

You should all take the quick bus ride to Australia and come and see us in the Indie Pavilion in October. I figure you’ll all be pretty expert at the game by that point, so we can let you show Defect to the crowds while we take a rest and get lunch. 

Giant Bug!

One of you made this monstrosity while you were playing the demo. This shouldn’t be possible in the demo version, but someone did it anyway and it’s pretty awesome. Oh, and we’ve fixed the bug that made this possible, in case you’re wondering. Sorry :)

Thank you again to all our backers, but we’ve still got a long way to go in the final week and we really need your support. Get your friends on board and help us get Defect over the line!

Three Phase out!