Kickstarter Update: Super and Hyper Piece Introduction

Here's another Kickstarter catchup. Today we posted a new video that shows what you’ll soon have access to if you pledge at the Ambiguous Wind tier or above on our Kickstarter. Super and hyper-sized ship pieces! The demo has most of the standard pieces unlocked for you to play with, but only the alpha will have the bigger cores, moon-sized hull, massive engines, nukes, and fighter decks. That’s right, you’ll be able to make ships that launch your own ships!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun did a nice write up Defect a few day ago. We need more of these!
If you haven’t had a chance to take the demo for a spin, checkout EnterElysium’s Let’s Look.

And finally, thank you backers for your support and help spreading the word. We’ve only got a week to go, so please post a link to the Kickstarter and the demo in any communities you hang out in and on social media!