Production Update and Kickstarter is Coming!

This milestone was all about polishing gameplay and the first levels, and preparing for the Kickstarter! There’s just over a week to go, so we’re putting the final touches on the Kickstarter video, rewards, stretch goals, text and images. Drew has spent a lot of time creating a new Defect poster, which will be used in many forms over the coming months. He’s already ordered a test t-shirt...


Lots of small improvements have been made to the controls and the UI. The primary control method for the ship thrust/direction is now keyboard and for the turrets, mouse. This means you can now aim a turret and fly your ship at the same time.

We’ve changed the way the Core damage system works so if the ship pieces above the core are destroyed, the Core is now open to attack.


Changing what ship piece you were in Direct Control of was proving to be fiddly. We had it set up so that you had to zoom all the way in to activate the Direct Control menu. It’s now been changed so that you can toggle the Direct Control menu on/off at any time. This allows you to repair parts of your ship while keeping an eye on the battle.

Repairing now uses the scrap you have collected from destroyed ships. Your ship becomes less controllable when your Crew components are destroyed. Enemies now repair their own engines, so they aren’t sitting ducks for long! 

All in all it's been a busy few weeks, and we can't wait for the Kickstarter to get kickstarted!