Defect Greenlit! Plus 1300% more missions!

Thanks to your support earlier this year, Defect has been successfully Greenlit! You'll be able to pre-order and download through Steam ... when it's done.

We've also just wrapped up Milestone 7! We've been busy creating the single player campaign missions: check out the following sneak peeks.

Above you can see the player taking direct control of the ship's turret. When the captain is manning this weapon, it allows the player to aim and fire, and has an improved turning speed. "Great kid! Don't get cocky!"

In this time lapse video you can see the current iteration of the shipyard and the ship construction process. We've made some slight improvements to the power and crew graphs. You can see the coloured Power bar and Reserve Crew bar decrease as the ship gets more advanced. If either of these is too low, your ship will not be fully operational.

Admiral Borld gives you the heads up on your next mission. Each of the Hexagons represents a mission. Completing a mission unlocks the neighboring ones. This gives you the ability to choose your own path through the campaign, unlocking various ship pieces at the end of each level.

Here's a sneak peek at one of the campaign missions, showing off some fast paced intercepting...

What's planned for Milestone 8? Aside from continuing to improve the gameplay, we'll have our Kickstarter campaign which is soon to launch. Stay tuned for more information!