Space Christmas Update

Future Santa has just fired a giant update into your stocking via his orbital Christmas railgun. Sounds painful, I know, but future Santa has to compete with Amazon delivery drones so he’s just staying one step ahead of the game.

Everybody can now check out the latest Steam build, which contains not one...not two...but forty new ship components! A giant pile of Super class ship components are ready and waiting under the tree. You just need to play through the hardest mission in the game to get at them. Space Christmas is pretty harsh, sorry.

Get your very own Zeke T-shirt today!

Get your very own Zeke T-shirt today!

We’ve added new levels, interface improvements, a whole new title screen, tractor beams that actually work, Super Class cores and even nuclear weapons (for when you really need the best Christmas lights on your street). Unlocking all that should keep you busy for the next couple of weeks while we head back to Earth for the holidays. You could even give your loved ones the greatest gift of all….A Steam Early Access code for Defect. Or a Zeke T-shirt. Future Santa will appreciate you doing his work for him. 

Merry Christmas! Three Phase out!