A Week on Greenlight

Steam Greenlight seems like a daunting process. If you’re self publishing and don’t know someone at Valve, it’s your only way to get your game on the biggest online store for PC games. Unfortunately, some games take a long time to get Greenlit, so you somehow need to convince people to vote ‘Yes’ for your game (‘No’ votes don’t seem to matter) when you may only have a barely working prototype. Luckily for us, Defect was in a pretty good state, as we had to polish a playable demo for PAX Australia in October 2014.

We started working on Defect’s Steam Greenlight page in early 2015 and by the 6th February, we were pretty happy with it. We created a new trailer, took some new screenshots and prepared a newsletter and social media posts to send out to all Defect’s existing fans. The final spelling/grammar checks were done by my wife, who is an avid reader and good at that sort of thing, we hit the publish button at 5:30pm.

The ‘Yes’ votes and comments were coming in but by day 5 they were slowing down a bit, as shown in the graph below. We emailed press, made a second push on social media and did a Steam Greenlight announcement/update. It worked! On the morning of Saturday 14th Feb we were excited to find that Defect had been Greenlit!

So that was it. In conclusion, I think our success relied on the pitch being good, then the momentum of ‘Yes’ votes from our wonderful fans got us over the line. It was all over before we knew it!

- Paul (@pbaker05)