Shipyards Engineering Report Beta 4

To the Cloud!

This milestone we’ve been working on several areas, one of the more exciting of them being the addition of online features. Whilst not all of the online capabilities have been implemented, several of the more useful features are now to ready to go.

One of the more obvious online components is the ability for a player to login. This is all pretty standard fare - the player creates an account and then uses this account to log into the game. Doing so unlocks several aspects of the game that are otherwise unavailable whilst playing offline.

Cloud Storage

Whilst logged in, players are able to store their ship designs in the Cloud. This allows the player to easily transfer ship designs between multiple devices. If you happen to lose internet access at some point after logging in, don’t worry, the game can handle this too. Whilst disconnected, your ship designs are saved locally to the device and uploaded later, when internet access is restored. The ship design synchronisation also handles ship design conflicts that may occur when the player makes changes to a ship design on multiple devices.

Online Gameplay

Now that players can store their ship designs in the Cloud, things start to get interesting. Instead of just doing battle with ships of your own design, you can choose from various mission scenarios that test your mettle against other player’s ship designs. The enemy ships can come from the global player pool, or ships that your friends have designed. Either way, you can now get out there and show off your ship design, or ‘borrow’ design ideas from other players.