Game Engines/Editors: The Big Decision

For our first game as a company, we decided early on to do a 2D game on mobile/tablet. We thought that would limit the scope to something that we as a team could achieve in a reasonable amount of time. This goal informed a lot of decisions in terms of what tools we would use to make our first game.

The Right Tool for the Job

One advantage we had as a team is that we had actually worked together on a few games on console/PC at our previous jobs. This meant that we knew the importance of having the right tools for the job and we had experience with many of the industry’s leading tools.

Since I'm a programmer, I immediately started thinking about how I was going to program an entire game myself. We decided pretty early on that we should use a multiplatform game engine/editor. Unity wasn't the obvious choice for a simple 2D game back in mid-late 2011, but its excellent editor quickly won over our animator/artist Chris. Unity was just settling in on iOS and Android, and has been kicking goals ever since. It supports all the major gaming platforms, the editor and runtime are easily extensible, its Asset Store ( is full of time saving plugins, has a free trial and it allows for quick iteration. On top of all that, it has a massive user base, so any time you come across an issue, you can just Google it and BAM! Problem solved! Choosing to use Unity was probably the best decision we could have made back then.

Next time I'll talk about tools we use for planning/project management, and then later I'll cover the Unity plugins we use as well as some more game related tools.

- Paul (@pbaker05)