Things that make a difference to iOS sales


There are only a couple of things that have impacted the number of downloads of Stunt Star on iOS:

1. Being featured by Apple

2. Doing a publicized free promotion with 3 Magic Shots ( at the same time we released Stunt Star on Google Play. Together they increased downloads on iOS high enough to get into the top 10 charts, where it stayed for a while. Because they were done at the same time, it is hard to determine the effect of each individually.

Releasing updates gives a small jump, as did a Touch Arcade review ( Nothing else has made a noticeable difference. Even a half price sale didn’t help! You really need to get your game in front of a lot of people to get a boost in sales.

 - Paul (@pbaker05)

Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years is available on iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android.