Shipyards Engineering Report Beta

Lately we've been laying the groundwork for how the ship building and ship combat will work, as well as doing various visual FX tests. You can now construct ships from the multitude of pieces already created. Here’s what the Shipyard currently looks like:


1. Choose your component type from this list (engines, wings, hull, weapons and

2. Choose your components from this scrollable list. Drag the piece down onto the
construction grid.

3. Once the piece is on the grid you can move, rotate and scale it. When you have no piece selected you can zoom the whole grid in and out (for fine adjustment of pieces on bigger ships).

4. The copy button will make a duplicate of your currently selected piece, with the same size and rotation. Flip will mirror the piece, and the layer arrows will move the piece up and down relative to each other, so you can shift pieces behind other pieces. The undo button will give you multiple undo's.

5. The stack allows you to easily find and select pieces that may have become hidden behind other pieces, and to see what layer a piece is on.

6. Click on the name to randomly rename your ship.

7. You can save and load ships. The 'launch' button takes you out of the Shipyard, so that you can test out the abilities of various ship components, and see how they contribute to overall performance. Currently only engines and wings have behaviours attached to them.

The game currently runs well on iOS and Android platforms. There was a concern early on that minimum spec smartphones would not be capable of displaying enough pieces. This would compromise the size of ships, but tests have found that we can use more pieces than we can cram on the grid, so that shouldn't be a problem. Currently we are developing a Shipyard control systems that will make things easier on smaller mobile device screens.

- Paul (@pbaker05)