Getting Screen Australia Funding

Screen Australia recently announced 21 games that will receive a share of $AU2.6 million from the Australian Government. Defect was lucky enough to be selected, so we thought we’d give you an idea of how much work we put into our application. We submitted 14 different documents, along with a pitch video and a trailer.

The pitch video was something we put together just for this submission and consisted of the three of us talking about the project and how it will affect our company and the local game dev scene in general. It’s like a Kickstarter video, but we are selling the project to Screen Australia, not the general public. Screen Australia aims to grow the Australian game dev community, so we showed them how funding Defect would do that. Thanks go to our go-to sound guy Stephan Schutze for recording the pitch video.

The trailer was something we wanted for the announcement, and it also allowed us to prototype and visualise the gameplay. It was all captured from Unity and is a big enough topic for a future blog post in itself. Screen Australia announced the funding the day before we released the trailer, so that was pretty good timing!

The documentation requirements were mostly spelled out pretty clearly by Screen Australia, and they were very helpful in answering any questions we had. We already had a pretty detailed plan in place for the entire project, but we had to spend a bit of time updating it. We spent around two weeks getting it all together, and tried to not spend too much time on what we thought would be unnecessary detail. Surprise Attack gave us some good pointers on the marketing/publishing side of things, but it was mostly just a big brain dump targeting Screen Australia’s requirements.


The most annoying thing was Screen Australia’s requirement to submit paper versions of each document in triplicate, as well as on thumbstick. That was a lot of printing!

- Paul (@pbaker05)